Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often do you write?

A: I write and edit seven days a week, although I do not set specific daily word count or page goals. Since I work full time, I write whenever I'm free, whether that means I have ten minutes spread throughout the day or several hours in a row.

Q: How often do you read?

A: My parents fostered my love of reading since I was born (I assume they held an open book in front of me while the nurse cut my umbilical cord). I read daily and try to be choosy. I hope that immersing myself in great fiction will shape my writing for the better.

Q: Who is your favorite author?

A: The short answer: Stephen King

The inside story: On the first day of sixth grade, my reading teacher had each student name his or her favorite book. Used to wowing my teachers with my literary prowess, I rattled off a list of my favorite Agatha Christie stories and expected the usual ooohs and aaahs. My teacher's polite nods left me completely underwhelmed, however, and I was soon enraged when the next student answered. I remember the exchange like this:

Sixth Grade

I had my mother take me straight to the book store after school so I could buy a copy of The Shining. And I gave in to the power of Stephen King and never looked back.

Q: If you could ask an author any question, who would you choose and what would your question be? (Follow up question below.)

A: I've devoured every Stephen King book I've gotten my hands on, but I just cannot finish Tommyknockers. For some reason every time I get 300+ pages into it, something stops my progress, and I eventually pick up another book. This cycle has manifested itself at least four times. So, if I could ask an author anything, I would ask King to tell me the conclusion of the story.

Q: Follow up question: Aren't you worried that Stephen King may read this, find your question insulting, and then hate you?

A: I hope that King has an awesome sense of humor (my imaginary version of him does) and that he'd crack a half smile and not my nose with his fist.

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